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Here are some of my favorite pictures from the Hickiwan Trails area.  Each small picture is linked to a full-sized version (usually ~1200 pixels wide, but sometimes a little smaller as cropped from my original).

This page isn’t linked anywhere else on the website, so access it from the WordPress dashboard or by its full URL.

Sunrise view from the campground (the full-sized version of this panorama is 2151 pixels wide):20120210_DesertSunrisePanorama

Gus photographing “monstrosa” saguaro:20100309_Monstrosa-photo

Labeled panorama view north from campground (the full-sized version of this panorama is 2055 pixels wide):20120212_ElephantPanorama-l

Detail of cholla flower, April 2013:20130418_YellowChollaFlower

Artistic view of ocotillo flowers:20130313_OcotilloFlowers

Long-tailed lizard (you can rename this if you know the species name):20120210_Lizard

My favorite rattlesnake (obviously active–notice the shadow under its head): 20130417_RattlesnakeOnTheMove

A snake we saw a few years ago–not a rattler (?):20110314_Snake

 This is a Glossy Snake. Great!

I’ll add more pictures to this page as I find them.  In general you have plenty of great pictures of your own, but feel free to use any of mine if you want to.



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